Behind every piece I create there is a story of how it came to conception. Then I spend many hours in manual labor: drawing, cutting, sanding, coating in paint or vegetable oil, all the while consulting with my dreams, my spirits and my Earthly sources of inspiration.

Even if you order a model from the catalogue, your mandala can be completely personalized and compliment your home with its mysterious chic, contact us.

Every mandala is hand-made and can be made in various sizes, painted in a contrasting colour or preserved in the natural colour of the wood.
You can order your Mandalight with or without LEDs. There are two versions of LEDs:
RGB colours
white (white can be in either a warm or cool tone)

My inspiration comes from my inner world and musings, from communing with nature, and of course, from people with passionate hearts and brilliant eyes!

My mandalas live and breathe around the world on various continents: in offices, bedrooms, restaurant lounges and in spaces where people come together to meditate and practice sun salutations. Knowing this gives me a joyous sense of unity with the world.

Alexandre Daufin