As you will never meet two completely identical butterflies, so each object of inWOODveritas is unique – this is the feature of products made by hand.

The hours spent on drawing, carving and polishing wood are also an energy practice of the artist. When buying an item made by hand, from the first to the last bend, you also get a part of this energy.

Why mandalas? Have a look at any flower or a leaf, any fruit in a cut, on a human body with its symmetry – mandalas are everywhere as a sign of the harmony of the creation and happy being. Placing a mandala in you home is surely opening a gate for the Good, that’s why we take producing and spreading wooden mandalas as a big and beautiful mission.

Choosing your wooden mandala is tricky – absolutely all of them are eye-catching and make your interior uniquely mysterious, no matter if you place it in your bedroom, office or over a massage table in your studio. “Get the one that “speaks” to you!” – that’s the artist’s recommendation for solving a choice obstruction.

If the mandala or a sign which attracts you most belongs to the Sacred Geometry symbols, read its explanation on our site, make your own research – or just feel it! There’s a beautiful legend that these signs are sent to us by the Creator – this way, in the language of the Universe he has encrypted his message, the explanation of his Big Invention”.

Remember, things are never just things, and some decoration which makes you feel more relaxed, admired or happy can really fasten a beautiful sensation in your life for years and years.

If you’ve got your own fantasy, a sign or a sketch that inspires you, and you want to see it on your wall, contact us. There’s surely a way to make your dreams come true. In wood.


Peace and Love,