Mandala is a highly geometric sacred shape representing a whole Universe with its vibrations. Human eye or flowers are perfect examples of Mandala. Contemplation of mandalas is a spiritual practice that gives you the deepest satisfaction. Behind every wooden handiwork by InWoodVeritas workshop there is a story of how it came to conception. I spend many hours in handcrafting: drawing, cutting, sanding, coating in paint or vegetable oil, consulting with my dreams, spirits and Earthly sources of inspiration. Even if you order a woodwork from the basic collection, your mandala design can be completely personalized to compliment your interiors with its mysterious chic and decoration. Every hanging wall art creation is 100% hand-made and is available in various sizes, contrasting colors and natural wood shades with optional RGB/white LED light. Buying your wooden flower mandala or headboard is tricky – absolutely all of them are eye-catching and make your interior uniquely mysterious, no matter if you place it in the bedroom, office or over a massage table in your studio. «Get the one that “speaks” to you!» – that’s the wood artist’s recommendation for solving a choice obstruction.

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Astra Flower Mandala Handcrafted Wall Decor

Handmade wooden Astra flower mandala with original custom design RGB. The piece that gave birth to Mandalight. Astra can be mounted on wall in your room interior and is especially gorgeous on dark stained wood equipped with white LED, producing pleasant ambient illumination.