Astra Flower Mandala Handcrafted Wall Decor

From 350.00

Handmade wooden Astra flower mandala with original custom design RGB. The piece that gave birth to Mandalight. Astra can be mounted on wall in your room interior and is especially gorgeous on dark stained wood equipped with white LED, producing pleasant ambient illumination.

The first in mandalas collection by inWOODveritas wood workshop! Astra (a star from Latin) means Magical weapon in Hinduism religion, a missile charged with power by a holy incantation. The first flower drawing appeared on a wooden table board – I wanted to see how my mandalas will look in solid material.
Over the years, every Astra flower mandala has been reproduced in unique design many times and remains a big favorite of our customers. In the basic sketch of the Astra I successfully fit trees and other elements of nature. Choose from the shown patterns or arrive with your ideas – everything is possible!